Привлекателни дизайни за твоя бизнес

01Brand Identity creation

Your brand identity is the sum of your brand’s message, values, product messaging, and desired customer emotions. A company’s brand identity is its character and its commitment to its clientele.

Even though they sound similar, brands and logos are actually quite different. The original meaning of “brand” was the mark that ranchers left on their livestock. The concept of a “brand,” however, has expanded well beyond a mere name or logo.

In order to differentiate one company from another, it needs something to stand out from the crowd, and that something is its brand. A brand consists of more than just a name and logo.

That part of branding known as “brand identity” is concerned with developing your brand’s character and communicating your core values to consumers.

02Website design

Web design is the process of creating visual elements for use on the World Wide Web. The term is more commonly used to describe the non-software parts of creating a website. Websites were originally created with desktop browsers in mind, but since the middle of the 2010s, design for mobile and tablet browsers has taken center stage.

In order to make websites accessible on both desktop and mobile devices, responsive and adaptable design have become increasingly popular. Websites using adaptive design have content that is fixed in layout sizes that match popular screen sizes, whereas responsive designs’ content changes dynamically based on screen size. To keep users interested and engaged, it’s important to keep the design stable across devices. Due to the potential for issues in this area, designers using responsive design should exercise caution before completely giving up control over the final presentation of their work.

03Marketing creatives

04Creatives for organic reach

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